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2 Day Intermediate Mountain Flying – $2,150

This course is designed for those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills of Mountain flying.  It is our most popular course and is ideal for those who may wish to gain the necessary requirements to convert their overseas license to a NZ PPL.

Over the two days you will cover a combination of skills including:

  • Route Planning
  • Weather Analysis inc updrafts, downdrafts & mountain wave
  • Performance
  • Go-No-Go decision making process
  • Terrain Flying
  • Crossing ridges
  • Short Field Techniques
  • Crosswind Techniques
  • Decision Making
  • Engine Management & Cooling
  • Flight Emergencies and Survival Equipment

The 2 day course includes

  • 6 hours of flying
  • 2-3 hours of ground training & briefings
  • 5 off field landings
  • Milford Sound landing
  • All landing fees
  • Lunch

You may also want to obtain a New Zealand licence or a short-term validation; This course will cover all of the requirements for your NZ BFR and PPL terrain and weather awareness training.

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